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Tracking progress: real-time insights into the UK's energy transition

Based on current government initiatives, the UK isn’t scheduled to hit net zero until 2050. With the world heating up, keeping track of our progress is more important than ever.

Our transition to net zero marks a pivotal shift in how the UK generates, distributes, and consumes energy, aiming for a sustainable future. Tracking our progress with real-time insights is the only way to ensure we stay on course.

What can we do with real-time insights?

Making real-time insights and data accessible to everyone gives us a snapshot of the energy landscape in the UK, enabling us to make informed decisions and push for change. While historical data helps us understand how far we’ve come, real-time insights allow us to take proactive measures, intervene when necessary, and push for adaptive strategies from our government. 

How can we track our energy transition?

Energy tracking apps

Apps like UK Zero give you access to the UK’s real-time energy status, paired with an overview of the history of the UK’s journey towards going fully clean. The world is heating up, but we’re making progress. With the energy data available, we can boost collective optimism and give people the oversight they need to push for change and keep pressure on the government to meet its targets.

Smart meters

Smart meters provide detailed data on electricity and gas usage in your home. Tracking energy consumption patterns, identifying inefficiencies, and suggesting optimisations. Smart meters can help you understand what consumes the most energy in your home, and paired with apps like UK Zero, you can choose to use those appliances only when the UK is running on clean energy.

Community energy data

Organisations like Community Energy England collect sector-wide data for community energy reports. These insights help community energy organisations create and implement new projects and provide opportunities for community energy practitioners to connect, learn, share business models, and help each other overcome obstacles. 

CPRE, The Countryside Charity, runs local community projects all over the country to help tackle the climate emergency and make the English landscape accessible to everyone. Find your local CPRE group here. Join a climate-conscious community that’s pushing for change and ensuring a green future for everyone.


Tracking our progress to net zero is the only way to stay on top of the climate emergency. Join the movement! Download UK Zero, connect with others, and let's work together for a sustainable future.

The UK Zero logo beside a phone with the UK Zero home screen showing the UK's energy mix on the 11th May 2023.


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