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Track the UK Energy Status in real-time and view the history of progress towards going fully clean.

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Bring Energy
Data to Everyone


Boost collective optimism to speed up the transition we need for a cleaner country and planet.

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Why Now?

The world is
heating up

BUT historical milestones are often being hit.
Some countries are already taking the lead with historical progress for renewables overtaking fossils.


More transparency will increase pressure, encouraging the change we need.

Be part of this pressure with an optimistic view.

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Climate Conscious?
Add widgets in seconds to effortlessly stay on top

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How does UK Zero work?

We're making UK climate data accessible so you can stay on top of change.

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View the UK Energy Status in real-time.

We collate open source data via National grid in a beautiful and modern way to help the climate conscious keep track of the UK progress to going clean.

Browse daily, monthly, and annual historical data.

Compare the progress the UK has made over the years and see which power sources are improving.

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Add home screen and lock screen widgets

How to add widgets:


1. Touch and long hold an empty area of your home screen until your apps start moving.


2. Tap the “+” button that appears top left of screen.


3. Search for “UK Zero”, choose a widget size, and tap “Add Widget”.

Glance at the widgets the same time you check the weather.

If you're climate conscious and curious about our energy status and progress. This is the app for you.


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We're doing our part to make an impact and help YOU make an impact too.

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Leo J Barnett

Mobile app expert & UXUI Designer

Mike UK Zero.png


Michael Stewart

Data & Fullstack Developer

Kat UK Zero.png


Kat Buckley

Marketing & Communications Expert

Kris UK Zero.png


Kris Barnes

Previously IVIE Energy App
Digital Marketing

Simon UK Zero.png


Head of Content


Joshua Greedy

Simon Mosdal


Previously Limejump
Commercial Marketing

Right from the heart.
Straight to the point.

Digital marketing and
social media talent

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Joshua UK Zero.png

The Future...

Global and Local Overviews

We will partner data with tangible actions anyone can take to help make a real impact in their local area.

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Join the community keeping track on clean energy

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