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The Story

Where will you be the moment the world goes Net Zero?

It started with this question and the bold idea of creating a countdown to this very moment.

Could that be possible? And what steps would we need to take to get there?


So this is where it starts. We’re collating the energy data close to home so we can track our progress towards going clean.


There's a lack of transparency in world health data, and we want to make it accessible and modern. We're also at a point in time where milestones are being hit for renewables overtaking fossil. We want to celebrate these and boost collective optimism to speed up the transition.


With increased awareness, there will be further pressure, encouraging the change we need.


Everyone needs an opportunity to do their part to help. We hope to pair global and local data with impactful actions anyone can take.


Join the journey today!


Leo, Mike & Kat

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