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Positive climate news in June

A round up of positive climate news in June.

Although it is vitally important that we stay up to date with current green politics, it is evident that the majority of climate news sources fill our mental space with doom and gloom articles. Too often I am left feeling as though things are only getting worse.

I will be compiling a list of positive climate news in recent times as a way of counterbalancing this negativity and posting it in our newsletter. I don’t believe that we should have to only look at the negative when there is cause to be hopeful. Nevertheless, here are three wholesome articles to keep our spirits high!

Ecologists are stepping up to help hazel dormice, a critically endangered species, to safely navigate fragmented habitats. By creating "dormouse highways" – rope bridges connecting isolated woodlands – these furry friends can avoid dangerous roads and reconnect with breeding their populations. It is a collaborative effort between conservationists and landowners, a shining example of how targeted action can make a real difference for threatened species.

The UK fishing industry is getting a sustainable makeover thanks to Blue Marine, a non-profit organization fighting for our healthy oceans. They're working closely with local fishermen to adopt responsible practices like reducing bycatch (unwanted fish caught in fishing gear) and protecting spawning grounds. This commitment to sustainable fishing practices ensures a healthy ocean ecosystem and a thriving fishing industry for future generations, another sign of the changing times.

Disused coal mines across Europe are being transformed into a surprising source of clean energy – geothermal heating! By harnessing the Earth's natural heat trapped within these mines, communities can enjoy a reliable and sustainable source of warmth for their homes. This innovative approach not only provides clean energy but also revitalizes abandoned industrial sites, creating a win-win for the environment and local economies.

I hope these inspiring stories demonstrate that positive change is happening. From protecting endangered species to promoting sustainable fishing practices and utilizing innovative renewable energy solutions, the UK is certainly taking steps in the right direction by tackling climate change with ingenuity and collaboration. We can all work together to take action and be part of the solution. 

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